Monday, May 3, 2021

Still processing...

I am not sure where to start and honestly am still processing my recent test results. For the first time ever at 6 months post treatment there are no signs of the leukemia coming back already in my bone marrow. This is good news and I should be jumping for joy, but the treatment was too effective and it took the good out with the bad and my immune system is still MIA. 

My doctor at NIH said I could try to get the covid vaccine and he would analyze my blood after each dose to see if I develop any antibodies but he is not optimistic because I have "no normal B cells" and my T cell levels are not great. I had been assured that 6 months post treatment should be plenty of time for my immune system to rebuild. I had made plans to go see my mom and give her a hug for the first time in two years. I want to meet my new niece who was born last November. I was planning to help Katt move into college. All of those plans have hit a hard pause. I could still do some, or all at some point, but am feeling dependent on the rest of my fellow humans to get vaccinated and build herd immunity - and given the last year I am sadly not confident enough people will get vaccinated to get rid of the coronavirus. So instead of being ecstatic about no leukemia I have been bummed out that my life will still be on pause as I watch everyone else get vaccinated and return to eating at restaurants, seeing friends and families, and taking a vacation. As I have told my children, I will be happy about this soon because my test results do have some very good news in them, but need to be sad about not being able to return to normalcy just yet. 

I went ahead and got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine about 10 days ago. Of course, I have the worst of both worlds. I had side effects because I guess I have the part of the immune system that responds initially but not the part that remembers when you come in contact with it later.  My fingers, toes and everything are crossed all get something front it, enough I can safely do a few driving trips to see my fully vaccinated family members. Everything is on pause for the next month or so and then will see if my body responds and remembers the covid vaccine and I am realized to wander a bit further or not.


  1. Condolences on the loss of your father.I hope your mother is doing well.
    Hope your body and immunity bounce back sooner rather than later... From South Africa

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