Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Looking for the on switch

It has been about two months since I finished treatment and while I don't feel as bad as I did the first few days post chemo, I don't feel great at all. I sleep constantly and when I am not sleeping that is all I want to do. I keep waiting for the day I wake up and have energy and don't have to will my body out of bed. It is as if my on switch is stuck off, or worse yet has broken off... 

I also get headaches frequently that knock me out (if I don't lay down and take Tylenol soon enough I end up extremely nauseous) and regardless of how many times I go up and down the stairs I am short of breath every time.

My bone marrow biopsy results were great with no evidence of cancer. Since that is what they were at the chemo midway point I would have been very upset if I had done 3 more months of chemo and they were worse. I'll have my next bone marrow biopsy in April which will be the real test to see if I'm still at zero or already showing signs of hairy cells coming back.

My oncologist locally did a lot of blood work last week and I was hoping I was low on iron, or something like that which is a pretty "easy" fix. Unfortunately nothing was far enough off to necessitate any time of treatment. My labs all looked "good". It could just be that I am just 2 months out from chemo and after 5 courses of treatment in 8 years I am not bouncing back quickly. 

My oncologist's office suggested I follow up with my GP... which left me feeling like "well we fixed the cancer you are not our problem now."  When I called to get an appointment with my GP I have enough symptoms that overlap with covid-19 (which I am sure I don't have because I still have no viral immune system beyond medication I take daily to give me some defense and I have had these symptoms for months) that I had to get a covid test today before my GP will see me. It was easy and quick here and supposedly should have results back in 48 hours. So I can add that to my medical bingo card.

It is frustrating to not feel good and feel like you can't get a doctor to work with you to feel better. Hopefully I can see my GP next week and he can help me figure out how to accelerate my recovery and figure out how to regain some modicum of energy before the holidays!