Monday, November 2, 2020

Life Post Chemo

Last Monday I still had to go see my oncologist and have labs done but I did not have to follow that with chemo for the first time in 6 months. When my doctor asked me how I was feeling my response was very happy to not be getting chemo. 

I thought I would magically feel better last week but instead the dex taper was longer on my last cycle, the let down bigger and I think my body in general let down after crossing the finish line. I am feeling better this week (e.g., fewer headaches), but I still have chemo fatigue, mental fog and some other lingering side effects. The worst is definitely behind me and I am trying to start to build back my strength and energy.

I head back in to the doctor in two weeks for a bone marrow biopsy. It should show no cancer since the halfway point one did, but I guess if it does that is not good and will need to start thinking of what is next sooner than planned. I'm assuming it will be a non event. I have another bone marrow biopsy on the calendar for April and am also assuming that will be a non event. It is usually the one year mark where it becomes clear it is back and what trajectory I am on.

My big accomplishment over the last couple of weeks is finally cleaning out my closet which has been a dumping ground for awhile. Katt has wanted to help me do it for literally years. I finally succumbed and it was liberating give away a lot and to get everything organized. I am no longer scared to go into my closet! If I can get up the energy to take on sorting through pictures this winter that will be huge.

Nothing else new here. Chad is still working from home. The girls are still doing school online, and we still all like it each other. So all is good!!