Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Where to start...

I have to start with what is most top of mind which is our family state of emergency last night.

For most of the night, yesterday was a normal school day evening. We had a nice family dinner. Everyone was quietly working on homework. The dog had been walked, laundry was done. Margaret was up in her room and Katt finished her homework and was heading upstairs around 8:30 when I heard her yell, "Mom, there is a bat in our house". 

I did not think I heard her correctly, or that she could be telling me so calmly that there was a bat IN MY HOUSE!!  Then it came flying down the stairs at me. I ducked and it went into the living room. OMG ---  there was a bat in the house. Chad was on a work call. I grab a broom, because I think I remember someone telling me they had shoo'ed a bat out of their house with a broom before. 

I quickly realized I needed help. I called to the girls to tell their dad he needed to get off his call we needed his help. At the same time, I knew Chad had no experience with a bat in a house from my past 20+ years of co-habiting with him so I called my neighbor who always knows what to do. 

Sure enough my neighbor had great advice - call Animal Control. I googled quickly, and put my tax dollars to work and made the call to the after hours number (which is now in my phone for quick reference). Then my attention turned to containing the bat. All I could think about was what if they get here and can't find it! 

We have an old house with high ceilings and pocket doors (that before last night we did not think we could close, but turns out in a pinch we can get them to work).  The bat would circle and then land somewhere we never figured out where. Luckily when the nice young woman from Animal Control arrived it was flying and she caught it in her net in about 30 seconds. She said it has been a record year for bat activity.... apparently we are in bat mating season now. They start to hibernate again in Oct/Nov, and we are counting down the days!!

This is the big excitement from my last few months. I took a personal leave of absence off work this summer to hang with the girls and to spend more time with my parents. It was a very full, and wonderful summer - lots of time at the pool, crafting, and hanging with family. The girls started school last week, and I head back to work Monday. 

For the last several months living with leukemia has just being "living". I did go back to NIH in May and my bone marrow biopsy showed the cancer was up from <1% in Nov to 20% in May. I was very disappointed by the results, but my doctor did not think they were too bad. I had blood work done last week and it was very mediocre so I am just focusing on getting the most out of every day.

I have a true"love - hate" relationship with follow-up testing. I like getting the data to know how I am doing but also dread what it may tell me. The anxiety that surrounds any type of testing is different once you have cancer because you have already had something rare, your brain can really create some elaborate scenarios based on some minor symptoms you notice.

I would expect I will continue to be horrific at doing posts as long as I am feeling good. End of November is my next big testing trip to NIH so hopefully will just have more life (but with less bats!!!) over the next few months.