Sunday, December 11, 2016

My Big, Fat, Crazy Normal Life

I am loving the craziness of life returning to normal!!

The day after I got back from NIH for my barrage of testing, we went to visit my youngest sister and her family in Abu Dhabi for the week of Thanksgiving. It was wonderful cousin time, and we had tons of fun in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi with all there is to do there. It was a little insane to do a trip with a 10 hour time difference and 24 hours of travel time because of the number of connections we had to make, but we all rolled with it.

I started back to work right after Thanksgiving, but feels like I have been back much longer than two weeks in a good way. All of the normal holiday madness (e.g., baking, gifts, cards, parties) are in full swing.

Last weekend I realized how nice it was to just be home and able to help my family. Everyone was in line for something from me. Chad wanted me to preview our holiday cards before he ordered them. Margaret had literally hit a snag with a sewing project she needed some help with. Katt was baking for her teachers (all new recipes, literally all day) and she needed an extra set of hands on a few steps. Last but not least, Lilly needed a walk. It was nice to be feeling good enough to just have a normal weekend with my family needing my help on things I actually could help with.

My labs are still looking better than they have looked in 4 years. I feel good - just middle aged, and out of shape which I have come by honestly. I am still waiting on the final pathology report from my bone marrow biopsy.  The early results are not what I wanted. My blood is clear of cancer, but my bone marrow biopsy still showed some "minimal residual disease", or MRD. So since I never totally kicked it I only have to get labs every 3 months. If I had I would have had to go monthly for labs to what for when it returned. This is the one time I would have gladly had more doctor appointments!!

The nurse that gave me the news told me two people (over the last 15 years of trials) had the same thing happen and when retuned to NIH for their 6 momth post treatment bone marrow biopsy it was all gone. While I have a great track record of being in the small end of the distribution, I am not holding out hope for this. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised. I had a day, or two, of being really bummed out, but now am blocking this out. There is too much life to focus on, and I am feeling good so am going to act like I am cancer free, and hopefully I get 2+ years before another round of treatment!!