Sunday, November 2, 2014


No medical miracles at our house...two weeks ago my blood work was real-person normal. As of yesterday they were back down to "Beth normal" so think we are in for a few months of ups and downs. I have a bone marrow biopsy Dec 10 which is the next big milestone.

The real miracle at chez Withers is that the girls rooms have been cleaned!! Katherine is pretty good about cleaning things out but Margaret is atrocious. They have shared a room for the last two years. It is a very large room, but they used the space for all their "treasures". Margaret has not been a good influence on Kath and the way Marg's bed was set up she had an "office" between her bed and the wall (code for pit of magazines, stuffed animals and pillows - fun for her, yes - clean, not on your life!).

Katherine has wanted her own room since we moved back from China 2 1/2 years ago. At first I said she needed to wait until Chad got back. Then there was always another reason until this spring when we decided she actually would sleep alone on the third floor if we let her move up there.

Against my better judgement (on both timing and colors), Chad and Kath started repainting her room about the same time that I re-started chemo in the spring. She selected a color called "snow cone green". A few friends that have seen it have asked if she will be able to sleep with that color on the walls - it is very bright. Fortunately she did not want it on all the walls, so a few have a very pale blue. Katherine's self proclaimed style of "artistic eclectic" definitely comes through in her room design and decor, but it is on the third floor at the very end of the hall, so it is all her.

Katherine measured, and planned, and then measured and planned some more. She has pretty much a whole notebook full of plans. Finally PB Teen had their big "Friends & Family" sale and we pulled the trigger on a dresser and desk for her, and a new bed for Margaret a few weeks ago (Kath got a new bed last year when hers broke, and Margaret had a trundle under hers so while hers broke as well the trundle held it up). Today the new stuff arrived.

Yesterday we prepped by cleaning everything out and moving what we could upstairs. I have been coughing and choking on dust for the last 24 hours. I am not sure how they slept in their rooms! You can see the floor now. You can see the top of their dresser. You can open and close their drawers without clothes getting caught in them. Bags and boxes of "treasures" have been purged to give away. Looking in each of their rooms it is nothing sort of a true miracle!! Now if we can only make this type of clean up happen more than once every 2 years!!