Monday, February 18, 2013

Life vs Cancer

By my posts from the last month (or lack thereof ) you can tell that life is winning out of cancer which is very nice. I have been busy with work, the girls and family activities, and all that normal life is filled with. I am still thoroughly enjoying little things like going shopping, to restaurants, and over to friend's houses. I am also still much more tired than normal so I crash like a ton of bricks at night and am hard to rouse in the mornings.

This last week have finally been back to my doctor. He is in a swank new office and all my favorite nurses from the hospital are working now in his clinic so the visits are kind of fun (in a weird cancer / chemo way). I have had a bunch of tests over the last week and had a big doctors appointment today. The first words out of my doctor's mouth today were "your PET scan results rock".... better results came back than either of us expected. The PET scan was to see if there were tumors or anything else unusual going on. I thought it was a repeat of the CT scan I had when I was diagnosed but it was explained to me the PET scan is a metabolic scan where they dye they inject in you will go straight to any tumor or growth. It took much longer than I thought. First you get your glucose levels tested, then the inject you with dye and you lie still for an hour. Then you are taken into the machine where you lie still for another 30 minutes are so. The scan takes images in slices that are 3.3mm wide from your head down to the end of my abdomen. One of the reasons I love my doctor is that he not only explains things well but he explains them so I can understand them. He showed me the scan and talked through what he was looking for that was not there. My spleen was back to a normal size and the cysts they had picked up in the scan a few months ago did not show up. lIt is very good news that my PET scan came back totally "clean".

On the blood work side, my counts are about the same (i.e., hemoglobin good, platelets okay, whites still lagging behind but not dangerously low). We are waiting on a comprehensive red blood enzyme test to come back that will help rule out a few other potential complicating conditions. Otherwise we have the next bone marrow biopsy scheduled for end of March so I'll get the results of that early April.

So please truly assume no news is good news, and the next update on timing of round 2 of chemo vs Beth will be early April....