Thursday, November 3, 2016

My busy season

For many people their busy seasons coincide with some big event at work (e.g., year end, a big project, etc.). For me it is the end of Oct, to early Jan when everyone in my immediate family has their birthday on top of all the holiday craziness. I get to mid-Jan and just want to take a long vacation....

With Halloween (and Chad's birthday) behind us, we have Margaret's birthday coming up plus Thanksgiving, and honestly the big dog, Christmas, is already not only showing up in stores, but also at chez withers. The girls have been making gifts for family members for months so the wrapping and staging to ship has begun.

For about a month now, half of our first floor has been taken over by crafting and gift wrapping. The guest room has been turned into the sewing room, and the official craft room in the basement has a lot of projects in flight. Regardless of the appearances of starting early, it will still be a forced march to the shipping deadline to get everything out on time!!

It is great to be home and have time to focus on my family. I am feeling good, and just working on building up my strength. I feel like my muscles are slowly waking up as a start to move from walking to jogging.

My labs looked great last week and this week. I head back to NIH week after next for final testing. I really don't expect to learn a whole lot from these tests. The big test for me will be when I go back in 6 months to see if the cancer has started to come back. In the meantime am going to back in a lot of normal activities and living!!

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  1. Hooray! Good luck this week. I know you said you won't get too many answers but hopefully things continue to improve. Glad you are getting your strength back. I'm starting to think about Christmas too. Next weekend will start decorating! You and the girls should come over to make cookies! Laura