Monday, October 24, 2016

Getting Going

"Try and rest, and don't do too much. Just be mad at me tonight for all we didn't do while you were gone." These were Chad's parting words to me Friday before he left to take the girls to school and then head in to work... he knows me too well!!

I am really itching to be more active. I think my body has built in defense mechanisms and a couple days before I left the hospital I started having issues with my back. The meds for that are good at making me sleep, and I really can't lift, or even sit for that long with it. It is slowly, but surely feeling better and hopefully will feel more "normal" by end of this week.

The only other side effect, besides fatigue, I am still battling started during cycle 5. My hands were falling asleep while I was sleeping. It has been waking me up in the night, and I shake them and they fell normal again. Turns out I have carpal tunnel from the excess fluids, and edema. I thought carpal tunnel was just caused by repetitive motion. I am learning I was very wrong. The swelling has caused the central nerve that runs through your arm to your hands to be restricted.  I am heading to Walgreens today to buy splints to wear at night. I have a massage booked in a few weeks (could not get one earlier!). I am very much hoping I can resolve this non-surgically. The issue with it persisting is it can cause long term muscle atrophy, and it makes it difficult to grasp objects. Definitely need to get it addressed.

Otherwise I am crazy glad to be home and done with treatment. I have a few weeks of rest and recovery and then am back at NIH Nov 15-17 for final testing. That will be when we really know how well everything worked. This week I will hold myself back and not do too much, but looking forward to taking walks and starting to exercise next week!!

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