Sunday, October 16, 2016

Final Countdown

I feel like I have counted down months, and cycles, and now I am finally down to days... 4 more days inpatient at NIH, assuming no complications.

My labs have been looking really good. The first two rounds of treatment were uneventful, and hopefully tomorrow will be more of the same. I am tired, and a bit nauseous but nothing to complain about.

After I go home I'll have a few weeks to rest, and recover, then I'll come back to NIH for 2-3 days (outpatient) for final testing mid-Nov. The bone marrow biospy will show us how low the cancer has gone, and I will also get the long awaited test results on whether I have antibodies against moxe. This test has been done by the drug company, my doctors, and I, do not get the results until after treatment is completed.

If I have developed antibodies chances are the duration of my remission will not be too long. The presence of antibodies to the moxe will show that my body has been fighting against the effectiveness of the treatments I have received. If I don't have moxe antibodies, there is a good chance that I should have at least a few hospital free years in my future. Definitely hoping for the later...

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