Tuesday, October 18, 2016


After a few extra hours, and a few extra blood tests, my final round of treatment went smoothly yesterday. When it was over, I totally sacked out. I slept the afternoon away until 3pm shift change. I awoke to a group of nurses singing congratulations to me, holding a congratulations chocolate cake. They reminded me of how Chi-Chi's Mexican restaurant would sing happy birthday to you with lots of energy and enthusiasm, and moving around. They were great!

It was very sweet, and thoughtful of them, and I was very appreciative... not to mention I LOVE chocolate cake. It is nice to be officially done with my treatment. Makes me think of one of the only Latin phrases I know "Alea iacta est" which means the die is cast.... just have to wait and see the outcome.

I am feeling very thankful for all the different friends, and communities of support we have, as I finish up treatment. We have been lucky enough to have great communities of support everywhere we have ever lived. I had a friend before one of our moves to Cincinnati ask how we could leave the community we built there, weren't we scared. We have always looked at moves as adventures. When I think about our closest friendships, it is like a patch work quilt across the places we have lived in our lives. I can't imagine not having met the friends we have made across the places we have lived.

Thank you to everyone in the DC area that has braved the traffic, security and maze of hallways from the garage to visit me. Thank you to everyone in Peoria that has helped us at work, with rides for the girls and with whatever else we needed help with. Thanks to our families for the travel to see me, the calls, and everything you have done. Thanks to all the staff at NIH, and especially the nurses, for the great care and friendship over the last several months.

Excited to get home on Thursday and start my recovery without any more treatments on the horizon!!

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  1. That beautiful. I pray all is well