Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Goal is to be “Unremarkable”

I’m back. I’m not happy about it. I’m not excited about it. But I’m here.

Yesterday I had my usual first day battery of testing and I met with my doctor. Since I had just been here last week, as he sat down he said, “I’m not sure what else there is to talk about.” I asked about the results of my MRI from last week.  The research nurse pulled them up and they said my liver and spleen looked “unremarkable”. I’ve decided I’d like that to be the theme for the week --- lots of unremarkable test results.

I gave, what seemed like, a few pints of blood this morning for tests. They are going to be very vigilant, and proactive, watching me.

The only thing a bit off today was my cholesterol. It was way up from when I started treatment. I thought maybe this had to do with my forced inactivity (which can’t be helping it). My doctor this morning was not surprised by that at all. He said the cancer I have typically binds to the bad type of cholesterol and as it gets cleared out, the cholesterol starts to get released in the blood. He was not worried about this so I’m not either (but had oatmeal for breakfast, and salads for lunch and dinner!!).

My creatinine was 1.01 yesterday, but this morning was down to 0.90. We are all going to be laser focused on this test to watch for early signs of HUS. I have been taking it easy, but can’t take it so easy I end up with blood clots. I have a scan tomorrow morning to check my right arm for clots. 

When they put the IV in yesterday it is the first time I remember screaming during a procedure maybe ever. The nurse inserting the IV (which is all she does and I’ve had her before and she is good), thought I might have had a nerve right on top of the vein. My doctor wants to rule out it having gone through a clot, which apparently is also very painful. My doctor is good, but I have my money on the nurse’s theory on this one on how it felt.

I had my first round of moxe today and I am very happy to say that today was completely unremarkable. I slept a lot, watched some “Good Wife” and read. Hoping for lots of boring days, and posts over the next couple of weeks!

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