Thursday, September 29, 2016

Doctors Appointments

The last two home breaks I have had to take Katt to the doctor. The girls’ doctor’s office reminder call always asks that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. So we dutifully comply. While we were on time, both times we did not see a doctor for over an hour past our scheduled appointment times.

I find it incredibly disrespectful, not to mention, inefficient to have delays that long. I know they cannot always predict how long they need with people, and they have to work people in, but there has to be a better solution. The airlines text, and email, you if there is a delay. Restaurants text you when your table is ready. Why can’t there be something like this for doctors’ appointments?

Much to Katt’s chagrin, I expressed my displeasure to the two different Pediatricians on the delays. Then I got a survey in the mail from our last visit that asked if we saw a doctor within 15 minutes of our scheduled appointment time. They have gotten lots of feedback from me lately... our last appointment was mid-morning and it took 1 ½ to see a doctor for a potential ear infection which is just crazy.

All that back story leads up to Tuesday this week. The girls had their annual physicals. As we got out of the car, Katt jokingly said she wondered if I had gotten on a list for my complaints and if it would be faster today. We checked in, and then settled in to wait. Katt pulled out her algebra homework and then 2 minutes later we got called back. Katt looked at me with an “I told you so” glimmer in her eye.

They did vitals, we started all the sports physical / school physical paperwork. Then they said the doctor was running a little behind so they went ahead and did the flu shots… basically they kept it moving. The last two times we have not seen the girls doctor, but two other doctors in the practice.

We ended up being at the doctor for two hours, but they kept it moving along and we had contact with health care professionals for a lot of it. The annual exams are just long, and the girls doctor handled it much better. I am glad she did because was thinking of switching, but at the same time hating the thought of having to switch and get established somewhere else since it is such a pain.

It was also sealed at this fateful appointment that we will not be parents of the year. Katt has had a nagging cough, which I assumed was a “productive post viral cough” like I have had. Turns out, unlike me, Katt’s chest was not clear and she has walking pneumonia. Otherwise everyone is healthy.

I had a bit of an unexpected trip to the ER Monday. It turned out to be mild dehydration and acid reflux. With cancer and tightness in my chest I was on the fast track. My labs all looked great, and after fluids and a “GI cocktail” I felt tons better. I have been taking it easier since Monday and my labs looked good again yesterday.

I am very excited that I am down to one last round (Oct 11-20), and then looking forward to a year plus of feeling good!! 


  1. Hang in there friend!! ~Q

    PS I agree, completely disrespectful!! " Your time means nothing, so please wait until I'm available!" And to think I recently left an appointment after waiting 30 min. past the scheduled time.

  2. Yay, Beth! For taking the opportunity to challenge the status quo, and for sticking this out to the end of treatment, and the one last round. I think about you all the time, and love reading your stories. I cheer you and look forward to reconnecting as you gain strength.

  3. I misunderstood when we spoke and thought last month was your final treatment.l. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending you positive energy! Hang in there, Beth!❤️ Hoping this session goes quickly and you're soon back home with Chad and the girls feeling great!