Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why was getting home before the first day of school important?

The girls had a great first day of school yesterday. They are both back at the same school they were at last year where they were excited to see their friends, and they love the teachers. Given those facts, plus their ages (6th and 8th grade) it is not an illogical question on why did we all want me to get home before the first day?

First, was my key emotional support role as clothing consultant. Chad actually gives very good fashion advise when needed (i.e., he honestly looks at options and gives opinions), however he is the Dad.

Katt has grown literally 5-6 inches over the last year. She needed new shorts desperately. She has sensory integration issues so buying new clothes is not typically a fun event with her. Routine is important, and transitions are hard for her. She gets better and better each year, but having me home is part of the routine. She and I had ordered many pairs of navy shorts (you would be surprised how many styles you can get from LL Bean and Lands End alone).

We had all but the winning pair, before I left for this last round of treatment. None were "just right", so we made one more ordering effort and those arrived after I left town. We had talked the back up plan of a Face Time fashion show which was met with angst. Tuesday night after my arrival home (still with some angst) she found a pair she thought she could make work. Luckily they were comfy day 1, so more have been ordered, and, yes, she will be doing dirty but wearable a few days each week until re-enforcements arrive.

I also play a key role of finding everything lost in our family. Tennis shoes were missing yesterday morning, but with my clairvoyant skills hunted them down in a duffel bag in a closet and everyone made it out the door on time for a great first day.

Margaret told me last night having me back had a "calming effect on everyone". I gave her a big hug and told her being home had a calming effect on me, but inside I laughed. Maybe you could argue I keep things calm on the surface while the waters are churning below. More likely I am described as killer waves stirring things up, and making things happen.

They would have been fine without me, but we are all glad I am home. I am pretty wiped out today. Tuesday was full with getting discharged and travelling home. Yesterday I spent the morning at my local oncologist for my regular every Wednesday lab work while home, and my once every 3 months check in appointment with him.

My labs yesterday were about the same as the day before, with my creatinine up slightly. Today I am resting and we are working on some side effects of re-adjustment post - edema, and ongoing sluggish kidney issues. I am going to be down and out a bit longer this round.

I've asked when they'll know if I am going back from more treatment, or just testing. My flight is booked as if it will be another round of treatment. The nurse was not sure so am waiting to hear back from my doctor. I'm assuming it will be after more labs, closer to the time when I go back next before any decision is made.

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