Saturday, August 13, 2016

Still here...

All my labs moved the right way overnight, despite the fact I could not choke much down in the way of fluids. I have hit the limit and when the drugs aren't making me feel nauseous, all the water is.

Unfortunately, nothing improved enough to go home today. My creatinine was down from 1.38 to 1.3, but still above the okay to discharge threshold my doctor has set at 1.2. My platelets and hemoglobin were both up. This is good since my labs also show that my body is still "hemolyzing" (or prematurely breaking down) the red blood cells.

I have been on bed rest the last several days, and continue to be, to try and reverse the HUS. One other side effect of the fluids and drugs is muscle twitches, and spasms. I got a very bad back spasm that left me immobile on the hospital bathroom floor the other night (the last place I wanted to be)!! I have had these a couple times in my life before and have needed anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxers, and a few days flat on my back to get over them. Unfortunately, all those drugs have contra-indications with moxe so have been given good pain killers. That combined with having to be flat on my back for other reasons has helped my back improve to the point I can see physically being able to move to get to the airport, in the wheelchair and home.

Emotionally, we are all on the ragged edge. School starts next week, and me coming home late is hard on everyone. The more nights of bad sleep I get, the more I wonder how much of how bad I feel is related to the fatigue...

Personally I am planning for Monday. I can't imagine things will move enough that they will let me go tomorrow (but would love it if they did!).

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  1. Hey Beth!! We've been thinking of you. I just finished reading the last several of your blogs. First, of course you would be giving these specialists an interesting case to figure out! You're an interesting person! We just hope you are feeling better each day and can get home to Chad and the girls soon. Secondly, what's up with the "China" experience in your neighborhood? I thought those days were behind us😳

    Fell better soon. We love you. Miss you tons.

    All The McKenna's

    I'll text or call soon