Sunday, August 14, 2016

No change

Last night they redid some of my labs and they had all improved and we all thought this morning I would get out of here, but no dice.

Most of my labs are looking better, but my creatinine actually got worse overnight. They said that usually once it starts to reverse it stays on that trends so they are not sure what it is happening given everything else is improving... maybe a blip?

With the "blip" I am here until at least tomorrow. I had a better day yesterday, and got a little more sleep than the hospital norm last night, so all in all not feeling too bad.

My parents stopped up last night with dinner, and I have a very good friend coming up for lunch which is really nice to break up the time in my hospital room!

The Olympics have also been fun to watch, but I feel like the anti-thesis of an Olympic athlete as a cancer patent, in a hospital on bed rest...

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