Saturday, August 6, 2016

Is it getting easier, or harder?

Definitely both.

It is easier because we all know the drill. I know all the nurses and staff at NIH, so I am coming back to familiar faces. I know what days I will feel tired, and bad, and which I will mostly likely feel good.

It is harder to say goodbye to leave for another 10 days after having just been home just over 2 weeks. It is harder because I know what days I will feel tired, and bad, and there is nothing I can do to avoid them.

I have 2 rounds behind me this cycle and 1 to go. I tested positive for the common cold. I feel fine, I just have a nagging cough. This cough is the reason I get to keep my private room.

After the PICC line is inserted each time, a chest x-ray is done to make sure it is positioned correctly. It is a 40 cm line that is inserted in a vein going to your heart. It was put in perfectly, however, the x-ray showed I was likely post bronchitis, and some compression of the air sacs at the bottom of my lungs. Not a huge issue, but not something you want to ignore or it can lead to pneumonia. Now I am doing breathing exercises (theoretically each hour) to open the air sacs up. Short term it js making me cough more, but am being told that is a good sign.

Otherwise, I am tired, but feeling okay. My counts continue to look good and am just counting down the days until I get to go home again!

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