Thursday, August 25, 2016


I get to the end of each cycle and think "I cannot do this again!". Then I finally hit a day where I don't feel terrible, and then get a few of those in a row and I start feeling like myself, and am optimistic and feel like I can do anything :).  I have finally turned the corner this week and it feels good to finally be bouncing back.

My family has been just resilient. I was very proud of them last round for hosting a party without me. Katt had talked us into hosting a get together for the 8th grade class and their families the Sunday before school started. I knew this was slightly crazy to say yes to when we did since it was the Sunday after I got home from treatment, but we could tell how much it meant to her, and we like to entertain.

We were clear in the evite that it was a casual, potluck cookout (read please set your expectations low!!). When my hospital stay got extended we considered postponing With much list making, and back and forth conversations, we decided to go ahead and the girls and Chad got it together. The families that came brought great food, so it sounds like it was a great time had by all... I was sorry to miss it, but was proud of my family for rallying and going ahead with the party.

Katt called me afterwards and was oozing with happiness, and clearly had a great time. Margaret texted me about halfway through and was hiding out in her room. We facedtimed for a long time after that. She propped up her ipad on the floor and I kept her company while she colored, and we just generally hung out. Hoping my girls are learning that while you cannot always control things in life, you can control how you react to them.

My labs yesterday improved across the board, but my kidneys look like they are still not at 100%. My creatinine was down to 1.11 but the NIH range for normal for women is 0.51-0.95. My doctor wants my levels to come down below 0.9 before we restart treatment. So am in a watch, and wait mode, for next Wednesday's labs...

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