Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Busting out today!

My creatinine was down to right at the cut off for letting me get out... 1.20. My doctor had to get the okay of the drug company who is sponsoring the trial as well, but that has come through and my flight is booked. I'm waiting to get my PICC pulled, and my discharge meds.

I go into my see local oncologist for follow-up labs tomorrow. They are going to have me come back to Bethesda again, however it is TBD whether I will get more treatment, or do a bone marrow biospy. They are going to have to see how my kidneys recover and make sure no other issues emerge.

Over the last 5 days, my lifelong low blood pressure has flipped to high blood pressure with the kidney issues. This can apparently get worse when you go how and and is one of the many things that they will be watching closely.

I will still be on a very restricted activity when I get home. Formally they said I could stroll, and now it is down to shuffle.

Can't wait to get home to see Chad and the girls and finally get more than 3 hours of sleep at one time!!

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