Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Delayed Reactions

It was great to be with my whole family end of last week.

We got back on Sunday. I took a nap, and then after dinner Katt, and I, took Lilly for a walk. It was our normal two block loop. We rounded the corner to our street and I heard a whistle. I turned around and saw a man who had walked out from behind our friends' garage. I did a double take... was that man naked? We lived in SE Asia for 4 years, and seeing naked people out on the street was not uncommon there, but in Peoria, IL?!?!

I did not have my glasses on so we kept walking. I told Katt, but did not want to have her young eyes confirm what I thought I had seen, and she was nonplussed about the whole thing Then a few houses down I see the same man only about 10 ft away and not only naked, but masturbating. I still had a moment of is this real?... then he turned around, and for some reason the sight of butt cheeks clinched it. Yep, he was totally naked, no clothes in sight, but he was wearing shoes.

Luckily again, Katt had not noticed. We walked a few doors down and I called the police. While I was waiting I called our friends who lived on the corner of the first sighting. He came out, checked the alley, and did not see the man. The police came in a matter of minutes, but the streaker was gone. He fit the description of a streaker regularly seen in another neighborhood, but the police officer said he always moved on quickly and they never were able to catch him. Who knew the surprise laying in wait for us on our return home!

I feel like the fatigue this week has hit me with a delayed reaction. I rested, and took it easy post discharge, and over the weekend, but I did not get my normal 20+ hours of sleep for the first few days. I did go to sleep each night at the lake after my 3 year old jet lagged niece, but with the next wave of children.

Other than fatigue, and some bone pain, I am feeling good, and better each day. My labs looked good this morning. I am not quite "normal" across the board, but am getting closer.

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