Wednesday, July 13, 2016

20th Anniversary

I don't feel old enough for this to be true, but today is Chad and my 20th wedding anniversary. However, when I think about all the experiences we have shared like living on 3 continents, all the places we have traveled to, having an 11 and 13 year old daughter and still remembering the life we had before children, I can get it to add up to 20 years pretty quickly.

Needless to say no big celebratory plans for today. I told Chad before I left I was sorry that this is where I would be for our anniversary. He sweetly replied it was where he wanted me to be so I'd be around for our 25th anniversary.

Chad is actually with all my sisters, nieces and nephews and parents on a vacation that we planned long before another round of treatment was in the works. Everyone is having fun at the lake, and I know from my girls it has been a good distraction from me being gone.

Tomorrow Chad will be driving down to pick me up so I will be able to enjoy everyone for a couple days. I have been trying to sleep as much as I can so I can rally and be awake for a little bit the next few days as my family is together.

I am glad to not be flying home this cycle. Every trip to the DC area has been smooth, with no delays, or changes. It has been the exact opposite on the way back which has been draining. Hopefully driving over the course of several days will make it easier this time, and I will definitely appreciate being able to travel with my family.

I am very hung up on the question of "when is ok for me sweat again?". The answer I got this week was Oct 28 is when I am officially cleared. Since getting that answer I have booked a few warm weather vacations for us over the holidays. I may be missing most of this one but already have the next few flights booked!

My face, feet and hands are very swollen, and I am so sick of drinking water I am choking it down, but I still have no roommate. My laundry is done, and my bad is packed, and I am just waiting for the green light (and my ride) to leave tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations on 20 years and another round done. Happy to think of your ride and visit to the lake.

  2. Good to know about this anniversary party and hope it will help me in arranging my parents’ wedding anniversary next month. Already booked a lovely LA venue and wish to decorate this venue in a grand way. Hope my parents will like this surprise party.