Sunday, June 19, 2016

There is no place like home

Boy, did Dorothy ever get that right. Saying it is nice to be home is an understatement.

Both flights back have been much longer than planned for different reasons. Cycle 1 was a maintenance issue causing me to have to be re-routed on longer flights to make a connection to Peoria. This time it was weather between the Midwest and East Coast keeping us on ground hold in DC for over an hour and a half. It was pretty miserable. Then I missed my connection in Chicago and ended up with a long layover for the next flight.

Chad and the girls met me at the airport with big hugs, and brought me home and put me to bed. I think they may have given me a sleeping potion. I went to sleep about 10pm Thursday night right after I got home and I literally did not get up until 1:30pm on Friday. I was only up for about an hour to get a little something to eat (and to fold a heaping laundry basket of clean clothes that I could not let wait) and then I was back to sleep until dinner time.

Luckily everyone has been into reading and so the house has been quiet and everyone has been piled up. Chad also is very easy going about holidays so our Father's Day plans are a big breakfast by Katt, reading and some robotics Legos that Chad got "for the girls" for Christmas that we have not broken out yet.

Katt was very sweet this morning. She set the table and made eggs, bacon and homemade corn bread (in a cast iron skillet) because she knows he likes corn bread and Chad's special coffee Margaret did most of the dishes, and I swear she had never opened the dishwasher before (or put anything in it). So that was an act of love as well. With a little coaching (and a lot of water - sorry California!), Margaret got the dishes done.

The swelling from the fluids is down already and I am feeling okay, mostly tired. I have some minor symptoms that my medical team in NIH think may be the start of shingles (oh yeah, just what I need). Hopefully they are wrong but will see. My neutrophils which fight bacteria are literally the best they have been in 4 years. My lymphocytes which fight viruses are still very, very low. I've been on meds to prevent shingles, and other viruses for a long time but may be stepping up the dosage.

Right now rest and enjoying time back home are my near term priorities. Assume no news is good news and hope everyone is having a Happy Father's Day!

I am a third of the way done and head back for Round 3 July 5.

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