Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Round 2 off to a good start

What constitutes a good start to cancer treatment? Well, today it was the fact my blood work was better than expected. The key markers were up across the board. It looks like the moxe is working which is great news. I asked if there was any chance it would work so well I would not need the full 6 cycles, and the answer was negative. You only get an early out for complications.

Otherwise today was about as expected, they took a lot of blood. I had not one, but two EKGs. Getting a PICC and IV sound like they will not take too long, but it was pushing 2 hours by the time they were in. The person who did it, I think did a better job than the one I got last time but he was working solo and every step took time. He used an ultrasound machine to find the right vein, then a needle goes in, followed by a wire, followed the everything else. Then you have to wait for a portable Xray machine to come and do a chest Xray and confirm it is in the right place. Basically today we went from department to department checking off what I needed to get done ending up with settling in my digs for the next week plus.

We are going to try and have me leave looking more like how I arrived. One of the trial nurse's recommended I go lighter on the fluids and only target 6L. My doctor said, well let's say 8L of water a day. He seemed proud to have someone he did not have to prod to drink water, so we settled on a range of 6-8L Hopefully we can find the right mix of meds and fluids to avoid all the swelling around my eyes I had last time. 

The low of my day is that I have a roommate. While she has been awake her TV has been on constantly, but she took a nap and I was thrilled to hear that she turned it off. Hopefully the set up will be manageable!!

The first day of the infusion is tomorrow. Fingers crossed it will be like last time around and I'll be tired from the pre-meds, but otherwise will be a non-event.

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