Thursday, June 16, 2016

Apple Power

With this round of treatment the moxe has caused really bad flushing of my face and neck. It has to do with the cancer getting destroyed in my body and the reaction that is causing. It is not as bad in the first part of the day, but gets progressively worse, especially on the day post treatment.

Having some color in my face is not something I am a stranger to. I have long been a blusher. When I was in 5th grade, I was in a 5th/6th combination class and Mrs Campbell was my teacher. For some reason that is a year I remember really well. Mrs. Campbell constantly repeated "Patience is a virtue which we should all strive for in our daily lives" and she had a thing for owls which were all over the place.

One of the memorable parts of 5th grade was the lunch time conversation. We had assigned seats for lunch (boy, girl, boy, girl). Two of the boys by me were sixth graders and neighbors that I had known practically all my life. They enjoyed seeing how quickly the could make me turn bright read. They were quite good at it... and they called it Apple Power.  It was never done in a malicious way at all, They would make me laugh and there I would go. It got to the point they could just say Apple Power a certain way and I would light up.

You might think this is something that would change as I got older. However, several years into working post college, I was moving off a Pringles assignment and one of the gag gifts I was given was Original Pringles Red Can with the Mr. Pringles cheeks colored in red -- I was the original "red" can. I still had amazing powers to go from zero to beet red in surprisingly little time!! 

I did not have this side effect last time so not sure how long it will take to resolve, but this just looks like I have sunburn and does not hurt. If I had my choice I'd live with this longer and have some of the other side effects go away first. 

I've not felt great the last few days and have my fingers crossed I still get to fly home today. I have checked in for my flight, and will be crushed if the say no. I have been running a low grade fever (99-100) and felt, off and on, kind of like I have the flu. The team here does not seem too concerned so hopefully will be discharged and on my way to the airport later today.

Last time when I flew home, at the prodding of Chad and my parents, I set up wheelchair assistance. Thankfully I did because I think it would have done me in without the help getting through the airports. That is now set up as a fixture in my return home itinerary and hopefully will get to use it today!!

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