Friday, May 13, 2016

Take Moxe vs Chemo

Moxe was definitely much easier than chemo. I am tired from the benadryl (to temper any potential allergic reactions) and being woken up every 2 hours in the night to chug a water bottle, but otherwise did not have any other side effects yesterday.

Everyone rounding came in with smiles this morning and one of the nurse's put her arms up in a touchdown sign. I apparently was on over achiever on the water drinking front and drank 12L in the last 24 hours (compared to the required 6Ls). They were thrilled. I laughed out loud. I kept drinking water throughout the day yesterday, and I would check off on paper each time I finished one, but I had not mentally added them up. Hopefully this is good news for my kidneys and gets the cancer, and drugs out of my system quickly.

Yesterday morning before the moxe started my labs showed my bloodwork had dropped significantly. They are not sure why. It will still take another 1-2 weeks before the full bone marrow biopsy pathology report is back but the prelim report shows my bone marrow was about 75% cancerous. Potentially I just hit the tipping point this week. My hemoglobin has been down in the single digits the last few days, which means less oxygen than normal making me tired. My platelets and neutrophils were (and are) also down significantly. So more precautions in terms of what I can / cannot eat and do to avoid infections.

I had  a roommate for about an hour last night. She had a suspected infection, and open wound, which is very bad for someone with little natural antibodies to be around so luckily she was moved out and the room was cleaned not long after she was moved in.

Today is a "rest day" and then tomorrow and Monday have more moxe and then next Thursday fly home. I asked this morning when we will know if the moxe is working. Sounds like when I come back for the second cycle in June they will do tests that will help understand if it is working, or if my body has antibodies that are fighting against it. I'm thinking positive thoughts that is working and am continuing to drink my water!

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  1. Beth you are so incredibly brave and strong! I'm so glad you got in and are tolerating the treatment so well. Positive thoughts and hugs coming your way...