Monday, May 16, 2016

Ready to Go Home

I am so ready to go home. I got a roommate yesterday evening. She very nicely asked when she turned her TV on at 5 if it was too loud (which it was not). However, her TV said on all night long. I slept for a few hours until I had my first wake-up call and could not get back to sleep.By the time real morning hit, I felt like death warmed over…

Today was my last moxe infusion and it had extra blood draws every hour plus meds and vitals. It was pretty much a packed day. By early afternoon I was feeling even worse than I did first thing in the morning. We are not sure yet if it is food poisoning (my guess), or if I have picked up an infection. I have landed myself on isolation until that is resolved. So my roommate was moved out and I am once again solo. I also have an order in for some meds to help me sleep tonight.

The girls and Chad are doing much better than I am. They are rocking homework, laundry, and everything that needs to be done. The girls made their own cookies for the end of season track potluck today. Margaret completed her last big take home project. Katt has taken over planning meals for the week, making the grocery list, and is massively helping Chad on the laundry front. We have already said we had kids in carbon copy, and she is mini-me.

I am counting down the days to come home and sleep in my own bed, and see my family. I will not have to wake up every 2 hours to drive water, but I still am not allowed to sweat, or lift weights or anything heavy. The poison in the moxe puts holes in your blood vessels so water leaks out of them. I am told if you do anything too strenuous on your muscles in this state you could tear them. I was curious where the cancer went if once the moxe was on it, it “leaked out of my blood vessels”. I was assured my white blood cells would hunt it down and clear it out of my body.

Today I got my orders for labs and doctor’s visits while I am home between cycles and the dates of when I need to be back here. Tomorrow I meet with NIH travel to get next month booked.

Three more nights at NIH and counting! 

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