Tuesday, May 24, 2016

On the Mend

Sunday was my birthday and the best gifts were just being with Chad and the girls, and the fact I turned the corner and finally started to feel better. By late afternoon my vision was at least starting to improve. It is the worst feeling when you feel miserable and just don't know when you are going to start to feel better.

On Saturday, I was on about day 5 of not being able to see and feeling terrible. Chad was suppose to leave for Geneva for work on Sunday. For some reason we thought it would be no problem for him to go out of town and for me to start back at work yesterday.... we were overly optimistic.

I did not think I could make it through the full day on Sunday without Chad's help. The girls are at easy ages and are huge helpers, but they can't drive and I felt like I would need to be awake all day Sunday (normally not an issue but this past weekend not achievable!).

We worked through "what had to be true" for it to work for Chad to go out of town. A one day delay was key, Chad was able to push his departure back a day. I could not drive Monday for sure...thank you to neighbors and friends that have helped getting the girls to/from school!  I did not think I could do dinner every night (and driving to get take out was not a sure thing). Chad and Katt when to Prep, Freeze, Cook and got a few meals, which so far have been great.

The other hurdles for the morning were walking the dog and making the girls breakfast. Again, typically no problem, but mornings lately have been hard for me. Katt immediately volunteered to walk the dog in the morning. She is up anyway she said. She was out the door with Lilly this morning before I had opened my eyes. Our deal was she had to wake me up before she left and take her phone. She had woken me up so I was half conscious when she left.

After about 15 minutes I sent her a text to make sure they were doing okay. No reply. So I called. No answer. Then I wondered if her phone was still plugged in charging in the kitchen. I got up quickly, threw on clothes, went downstairs and saw there was no phone and then panic set in. I called again and no answer. When I located my keys and started out the back door (which I had heard her leave through) I saw her and Lilly walking in through the back gate. She said, "Mom, you know I like to let Lilly go slow and smell things." Her phone was on do not disturb in her pocket so she had not heard it. As retribution for my mini heart attack, she brought me OJ and an English muffin in bed for breakfast (then did dishes). Katt is so responsible, and thoughtful!

For awhile now, Katt has gotten up, gotten ready and then made her own breakfast. For Margaret, breakfast is her primary meal of the day. A "normal" Margaret breakfast is 2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of raisin toast buttered, 2 Eggo waffles with Nutella, and a glass (or 2) of OJ. Marg does not eat a lot the rest of the day. The other part of the "dad goes out of town after mom comes back from 2 weeks in the hospital deal", included Marg making her own breakfast. She called up to see if I could please turn NPR on the Sonos in the kitchen. Did not realize this was such a key part of her morning routine, but apparently it is. She made her normal breakfast and dishes made it to the sink. When she came up to get ready asked how it went she said her waffles were not toasted enough, and her eggs were a little too hard, but otherwise okay. Then she commented "making toast and egg is harder than it sounds" :). She has 4 more mornings to perfect her technique.

Very glad this is the last week of school for the girls and it is all fun stuff. They are excited to get to school in the morning, and no homework at night.

I am trying in to rest and rebuild my strength. I am curious to see what my counts are when I get my labs done tomorrow. The fatigue feels like low hemoglobin, or medicated fatigue vs lack of sleep, but glad to be able to see again. Will see what the #s tell me tomorrow!


  1. Wish you guys the very best Beth! Keep up the fight! -Trent

  2. Lol! Glad things are getting better. Sounds like the girls are being very responsible. Please let me know if I can do anything to help. Also HyVee delivers groceries. You can shop online and they deliver! Looking forward to lunch next week, but let me know if you aren't feeling up to it!
    Laura Speake

  3. Happy Birthday Beth! Keep fighting. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Angi