Tuesday, May 10, 2016

In the name of science

We made our way back to NIH bright and early this morning for more testing. Our new id cards helped us speed through the security entrance. I had lots more blood drawn, then an EKG followed by a stress test. Today was a lot of testing to establish baselines and help then see if there are any trends across patients with chemo resistant hairy cell leukemia.

I was not excited about having to do the stress test (treadmill run) the morning after a bone marrow biopsy (bmb). Everyone said the person who did my bmb was good, but you cannot tell for sure until the next day. You really cannot make a bmb pain free despite the local numbing. You are sticking a massive needle into someone's hip bone and extracting both bone marrow and a sample of bone; it just hurts. The sign of someone who is good is 1) they do it fast, 2) they get the samples without multiple taps, and 3) you are not sore for a week (or more). The man who did mine yesterday was definitely good. It felt like a bmb, but it was over in 15 minutes, or less, and I hardly feel it today.

So the stress test was non-eventful, and did not hurt as much as I expected. My heart looks good, my eye exam later in the day was good. The results of my CT scan did not show any tumors, or enlarged lymph nodes, and my blood work is still "bad" enough that I qualify for the trial.

I am tired, from the poking and prodding. I feel like NIH has a lifetimes worth of scans, blood and test results but realize we have only just begun.

My vision is still blurry from my eyes being dilated so am going to close them and rest and recover from today, but just wanted to do a quick update.

Still a nervous something will come up that will DQ me, so will be glad when I am admitted tomorrow afternoon! We are back in the morning for more labs and then I finally get to meet with the doctor who is leading the trial.

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