Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I'm in...

I have passed the barrage of tests and questions and was formally admitted to the moxe study, and to NIH inpatient this afternoon. For now, I have my own room, but an empty bed lines in wait. Luckily on the days you are not getting infusions, you are not chained to your bed and you can roam the halls, or campus with some hard limits. Some of the caveats are no sweating allowed  (seriously this is one of the big rules - must keep the water in you), and you have to drink 1-2 cups of water per hour and measure your output regardless of where you are (think about what you need to measure output and you don't go too far from your room, for too long).

NIH feels like a nicer than average hospital compared to the other hospitals I've been in. There is a small patient library where you can check out books and DVDs. There are lots of light, bright seating areas in common spaces. There is a small fitness center (that I am not allowed to use, but still nice for other patients). So not huge amenities, but my last 2 times around I was not able to leave the unit I was on, and there was nothing that made a longer term patient's stay easy so the little things are nice touches.

I am not sure what time things will get going tomorrow. I had an IV put in my right arm, and a PICC line put in my left arm earlier today. I know there are some pre-meds and pre-hydration that happens. It sounds like for about 6 hours I will be very closely monitored, even though the moxe infusion should only last about 30 minutes, to make sure my body tolerates the drug.

I know I will likely regret this statement, but after all the testing and running around from the last few days lying in bed and having drugs fed into my veins sounds like a welcome break!

My eyes are blurry I am so tired so have to sign off... I expect tomorrow I will be out of it, but Friday will post an update of how round 1 of Beth & Moxe goes.

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