Thursday, May 19, 2016

Homeward Bound

I am waiting for the doctors to come through and give me the okay I can leave today. I am packed and very anxious to get out of the hospital.

I don't look like I did when I came in. My eyes are swollen beyond anything I could have imagined. Half the water I am retaining is around me eyes. The gory look is the least of my concerns. The swelling is so profound it has altered my vision - everything is blurry (so this post will be short). When I walk around, in particular, the blurred vision leads to headaches and nausea.  While the moxe did not give me the good ole chemo feelings it did start off a bit of a chain reaction that has left me feeling chemo miserable.

They did send me to an orth consult a few days ago and he confirmed everything structurally in my eyes was fine. The retention of fluids around my eyes is causing the blurred vision so it should go back to normal once the fluids dissipate.

The doctor overseeing this trial says things are looking great and I am free to head home. While I feel miserable, good to hear that in terms of killing the cancer things are moving in the right direction. I am being send home with a small pharmacy to rebalance fluids and prevent other complications. The next couple Wednesdays I will get blood work done, and see my local oncologist to check in.

Tonight will be the first night in a week I will not be woken up ever 2 hours to drink water. Looking forward to that small luxury along with sleeping in my own bed, and giving my family HUGE hugs.

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  1. Beth,
    Sounds like the 1st NIH visit went well - Sorry to hear about your vision and the related symptoms. I'm glad you're going home. Hug your family and let them pamper you!