Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What are the Odds

Chad has taking a liking to calling me his "long tail girl". No, chemo has not left me with a tail. This is a statistics joke (so very understandable if you don't think it is funny!). I have not been in the bell curve but have been out in the "tail" of the curve for...
- the type of leukemia I have disproportionately impacts men (4:1) [I'm a woman]
- median age at diagnosis is now 52 [I was 40]
- median remission duration post cladribine chemo treatment is 10 years [I got a year]

The odds of any of the items above individually is very small since the kind of leukemia I have is very rare to begin with. The odds of all the events above combined are extremely low.

Non-medically I also have a history of being in the "tail". Chad and I got married just over 18 years ago in the DC area. We knew DC in July could be  hot, but we were not planning on a hurricane. As luck, or rather lack thereof, would have it Hurricane Bertha came through on wedding day (just what every young couple dreams of). You know it is bad when your photographer is telling you "well if it stops the colors will be very saturated outside". We kept telling ourselves we will be married at the end of the day and that was all that mattered - but it was wet.

The Deacon that married us knew me well and knew Chad and I wanted the ceremony to be accessible and approachable (since I was Catholic and we were getting married in the Catholic church but Chad and many of our friends and family were not Catholic). Deacon Jake took the whole "keep it approachable" thing maybe further than we thought. He improvised during his homily. He held a poster board with the word "Bertha" on it and commented on how close Bertha was to Beth....and then he crossed out the "r" and "a" to show this. Then he went on to talk about the parallels between me an a hurricane (nice, huh!).  I was very worried about where he was going but his basic point was something along the lines of when I set my mind to something I made it happen. Then he said good luck to Chad.

Now 18 years later we are in FL on the gulf coast and there is another Hurricane Bertha coming through. We were able to walk on the beach this morning and the rest of the family swam in the pool. I realize I will be resting more here than at home because there is nothing I feel like I need to buzz and do so am putting me feet up and chillin' more than the last couple weeks. Regardless of the weather this is looking like it will be a good restful week but hoping it is my last encounter with hurricane Bertha's!!

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  1. I remember that sign! And what I took away from the homily was that between Bertha and Beth, the hurricane didn't stand a chance...and I believe the leukemia doesn't either! Enjoy your family time! Love to all of you from Elise and family!