Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to work, but not totally back to normal

I started back to work last Wednesday working half days and it felt great to get back to a more normal schedule. I was really excited to be back at work. (Yes, this is what cancer/chemo do to you - they make you really excited to get back to work!)

Now I have had a few signs that I am still not totally back to normal. I just went into work for the mornings last week and it was a pretty quiet week. Wednesday felt great. I came home at lunch time and after I got something to eat, stretched out in bed to watch a webcast for work. Thursday I worked the same schedule but when I came home felt a little tired so I laid down after lunch... 3 hours later I woke up.  This was the not-totally-normal sign number one.

The next big sign came a few days later. We've gotten the girls to make dinner one night a week. Katherine had dinner Saturday. Her "easy biscuit pizza" recipe turned out to be not so easy as we made the sauce from scratch and sauteed the veggies. When Kath made the crust it was equal ratios of whole wheat and white flour (but said to be more generous on the white flour),  1 tsp of brown sugar and buttermilk. I was her sous chef and was pulling out ingredients for her. Everything was looking good until she got to the dough which was the last step before putting them together. Kath mixed up her dough and it was soupy - very not doughy. I told her keep putting in more white flour. We finally got it to form a ball and decided there must have been a typo in the recipe.

Then we tried the pizzas, they were awful. Totally inedible, disgusting, awful like we have not tasted the likes of in I don't know how long. Kath had done a good job (and had learned how to chop an onion and bell pepper, and what a clove of garlic was) and the toppings were good but the crust was disgusting. It was so sweet we could not believe it just had a tsp of sugar.  So the girls had cereal and Chad and I had salad.

The next morning Chad was making french toast and Margaret asked for powdered sugar to go on it. When I went to pull it out of the cupboard with the baking supplies I noticed the full canister of flour - which I thought we'd used the last of the night before - and realized I had given Katherine the canister of powdered sugar for her pizza crusts instead of white flour. We would NOT recommend this substitution.

Now I have been baking since I can remember and this is like forgetting and leaving the refrigerator open or leaving to go someplace without shoes for me! Clue #2 - not totally normal.

I will not go on - I am sure you will see clues of your own that I am not 100%, but am glad to be getting more back into normal activities!!

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  1. That will be a classic memory that you will all be laughing about years from now. I can only imagine the conversations you had over dinner that night and then the next day. Now every time you make pizza you will think about it. Family bonding at its finest!