Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Acclimmating to the new routine

So far so good with the transition back to work and school. We are all doing well with a bit more of a "normal" schedule except for our dog, Lilly. She had grown accustom to more company during the day and she is a dog who likes to have someone around. Katherine and Margaret think there is an easy solution to this problem. They are lobbying for another dog (named Rufus who is smaller than Lilly when we get her but will end up slightly larger than her - not that they have put any thought into this!). As the one with primary responsibility for feeding and health care for all dependents in our family I am not sold on this plan - I have faith that Lilly can make this transition once again this year!!

School for the girls just started last Tuesday but they have both had yearbook pictures taken, had back to school night, and are in the thick of homework/projects so summer seems like a distant memory already.

Katherine has probably had the biggest change since she started middle school. There have been some exciting positives to the year so far. She is thrilled to have a locker. She is over the moon about getting her own (school issued) iPad air. She seems to be doing well with the homework, changing classes (and clothes in PE) and all that middle school has to offer. Chad and I on the other hand, are not doing as well with the cryptic, mono-syllabic responses to most of our questions that have become her standard responses lately.

Margaret has the same 4th grade teacher that Katherine had which she is very excited about. She already has her first big school assignment due this Friday, a model of a bee. This weekend I was her able assistant while she was hot glue gunning. She kept giving me instructions on how to help using her newly learned bee anatomy. Unfortunately for her telling me to hold the thorax was not as effective as saying hold the round stryofoam ball, or the gold puff ball.

I am enjoying being back at work and getting back into the swing of things. I am still tired. By the end of last week I was wiped out - Thursdays are the killer long days. For Chad work is the same but tired wife may be the big change of late for him, but feels like ramp up of the girls activities, parent paperwork, etc. has been the more noticeable change.

I was back at the doctor on Monday for my regular every other week lab work and check. Everything is about the neutrophils were up a bit but still working to break into the normal ranges across all fronts. This past weekend I did a little work in the yard and ended up with a small patch of poison ivy on my arm on Monday. It has clearly moved into my blood stream because today it is down one side of my neck, on my stomach and both arms. I've started on steroids. Hopefully it will clear up before too long and has given me a good excuse to finish the rest of the yard clean up work with a check.

I'm back at the doctor in two weeks...

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  1. Glad to hear that you're enjoying being back at work, Beth! And it's great to hear the updates about Katherine and Margaret heading back to school -- I may have to enroll in some of Katherine's classes so I can get my own iPad Air (although Kim might tell me to stick to the PE, in which case I would provide my own mono-syllabic response).