Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Signs of Progress

Last weekend, before the outbreak of the Withers strep epidemic, Katherine's foot got caught in a pothole crossing the street. We were walking from Skyline to the Graeter's on Ludlow (for National Ice Cream Day $1.44 cones). Let's just say Kath left a lot of her skin on the road and the street left a lot of asphalt in her leg in return. Her adrenaline had to have been pumping because she popped right back up and kept walking. By the time we got to Graeter's though she came to find me to say her knee did not feel good. I took one look at it and could not believe how calm she was. It looked awful!

We went to the bathroom to clean it off and then quickly realized we needed more than the Graeter's bathroom could offer us. So we left to head home (with no ice cream and no complaining from Kath = a sure sign it was not feeling good). We cleaned it multiple ways and times, but it still looked downright nasty. Since I had to take Margaret to the doctor last Monday for a strep test, I took Katherine along as well to have her wound checked out. 

The doctor cleaned it and gave us an antibiotic cream. She said the asphalt would come out over time and new skin was already starting to form. Now just over a week later there has been so much progress I am jealous!! It is about a third of the size of the original wound and lots of signs of new skin coming in. She will never be a knee model (not that that was in her cards anyway), but she can tell it is getting better.

The signs of progress with me are less noticeable. I am not always the first to bed and last one awake - which I count as progress. I made Katherine run with me on Sunday and we did a whooping mile but it felt pretty good. However, my counts are still not picking up which I feel like is the story of my saga with chemo and recovery....and my counts are the "official" sign of how I am doing. 

My hemoglobin and platelets are respectable and hanging. My white blood count and neutrophils (ANC) plummeted this week. My ANC was less than half of last week today which was really disappointing. Despite how bad they are my doctor did okay relocating my recovery next week to the beach (but I cannot get in the water with my counts where they are), and I have been loaded up on even more drugs to take with me. Hopefully a week of sun and rest with the family is what I need for my counts to show more signs of progress so I can get back to "normal" life!!

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