Monday, July 14, 2014

Light up the Night

A few appointments ago when I walked into the infusion room the nurses were almost giddy with excitement. They were excited to have finally gotten UC's approval and support to do the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Light up the Night walk and hang signs. They were carrying the signs around looking to find the perfect place for them.

When I started asking them about it they talked about the fundraisers they had planned and how they had worked to petition UC to be able to get them to approve the hanging of signs and their participation. These kind individuals that spend their work hours taking care of people like me with leukemia were so excited about spending their time outside of work volunteering to raise money for leukemia and lymphoma research.... how could I not sign up to help them!

Most of you know I ran the Cincinnati Half Marathon with the LLS's Team in Training program and many of you supported me with donations. I think my mother has been living in fear that I would try and run another half marathon with them this fall but I know that would be too much stress on my body. The Light the Night is about a 2 mile walk in October. Below is the link to my Light the Night fundraising page. Thanks again to everyone who supported my last run and hope that you will consider supporting me again this year.*

In terms of my counts, it was not the big turn the corner day I had hoped for today. Everything was down vs up (hemoglobin and neutrophils down slightly but big drop in platelets). I am at Day 29 out from chemo so the good news is I have managed to avoid infections. Katherine has had a fever of 102+ since Saturday am so have been washing my hands a lot and we are keeping as much of a safe distance as we can. So for now we stay the course, and watch and wait....


  1. I walked in the Light up the Night walk last year and I can tell you it will be the slowest 2 miles you ever walk. But everyone had balloons with lights so it was beautiful! -Debbie F

  2. Hello Beth, I hope you enjoy the Walk it is great you are supporting the cause of other families going through the same you are going. Don't worry if while at home you are resting and sleeping, the time to do that is now, soon you'll be super active and busy again! I am keeping you in my prayers, hoping for those counts to start going up soon. Mitchelle Salazar

  3. Beth, it's Erin (had to make a new facebook just sent you request not even sure if you are feeling good enough to be online) ... praying for you every single day and I will be donating <3

  4. We will be walking (in your honor) in Chicago. Irene

  5. Hi Beth, I am so thinking of you guys! Thanks for the update. I like hearing about what you are doing and how you are doing! Lots of love, Becky