Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Health Assessments

Our company encourages everyone to do an annual online health assessment. It only takes about 15 minutes and covers questions on medical history, eating and exercise habits, and biometric data. There is a small financial incentive to complete the assessment and it is to raise awareness of the choices you can control to improve your health. Since I've had some time did it a few weeks ago. My results were surprising...

Turns out I am "healthier" than a year ago and in the 98-99th percentile of healthy individuals. There was a question of do you have cancer and I said yes. There was also one about whether you are currently getting treatment to which I also said yes. I have been eating very healthy and have lost a few pounds since last year (thanks, chemo) which ironically seemed to trump active cancer treatment!

So while I am dubious of that assessment's results, my lab work yesterday shows I am still holding stronger than we thought I would be at this stage of the game. Nothing is normal but my hemoglobin and platelets are flat. My neutrophils were down but still not awful for me. Hoping this is my low point and I start to pick up this week! I'm going to be on a twice a week Mon/Fri schedule for doctors visits for the next few weeks.

I'm having good days and bad days but the good days are feeling better and better which is making me cautiously optimistic.


  1. You are going to be stronger than ever once you're through this treatment, Beth! Sending you positive thoughts and energy!

  2. Beth my prayers and thoughts continue to be with you and your family during this time.

    Debbie F