Thursday, June 19, 2014

My dance partner

All the nurses refer to your IV pole as your dance partner. Mine is noticeably taller than me, has 6 wheels, 3 pumps and is a bit of a monstrosity. The nurse I had when I was admitted thankfully made sure to snag a pole for me without wheels that stick, or other glaring issues. While we have mastered the basic waltz to the bathroom and up and down the halls I still get my toes rolled over occasionally.

Yesterday they added a portable heart and oxygen monitor which has taken it up to tango level when I move around. I am now having to negotiate 7 wires/tubes coming from me and let's just say I am better at getting them untangled than keeping them that way! Everything is okay but the combination of the steroids and chemo are causing a low heart rate (which I already have a low baseline on as a life long runner) and some irregular beats so they are being cautious. I was not sure how sleeping would go with all the extra apparatus. It was no problem until my heart rate would go below the lower limit and they would wake me up for vitals. So not the best night sleep, but have had worse.

Good news is my counts are still holding and today my hemoglobin is actually up slightly which is great because it was getting close to the transfusion limit... so no transfusions today which is good. I am feeling pretty good this morning as well.  I am now at the halfway  point in my chemo and hoping the next few days go as smoothly as the first part of this week. No speculation on when I will get out of here since my counts will likely bottom out next week and my doctor thinks, given my history I will likely have fevers and need IV antibiotics which would keep me where I am for a bit longer. At least for now, so far so good.

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  1. This entry reminds me of my favorite Vivian Green quote: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass--it is about learning to dance in the rain". (Ok, I admit it could be my favorite solely because I do not know any others but I like it a lot :))

    Take care, and I am pulling for the hospital dance to be very short!

    Irene Yates