Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Home for now...

Sorry for the delay in an update, I've been feeling awful and Chad has been a blur of constant motion between work and getting the kids to year end activities.

They let me come home from the hospital Sat night under the condition I come back to the infusion center every morning first thing for labs, IV antibiotics and a shot to help boost my immune system (specifically my neutrophils), and that I come back immediately if my fever returned. Anyone who has been hospitalized knows it is easier to get in than out and discharge is a process in and of itself. After they said I could leave I had to get another IV med, another shot, then I took a several hour nap. Then finally decided it was time and called Chad to bust me out. The doctor on the floor was having trouble with the system to get prescriptions printing out. I assured him I had all the meds at home and would be back the next morning at 8 and we went home.

Here is what the hospital stay reminded me....
- The staff is great. I had the same nurses I had 18 months ago.
- The food is lousy (and the menu has not changed since I was last a patient!).
- Hospitals are not fun places to be. You go there because you are sick and the meds they give you (at least in my case) make you feel worse while getting you "better".
- There are only 20 rooms on the Bone Marrow Transplant/Hematology unit and I cannot leave the unit once admitted (and if I end up on isolation like last time I can't leave my room). The confinement is not something I enjoy.
- Hospital gowns are not attractive and don't make anyone sick look any better. In my personal opinion they need a pop of color, at a minimum, and overall redesign would be nice (maybe get the look good, feel good going).
- Finally I was reminded of what I need to pack when I get admitted for my planned chemo stay which includes my pillow, Puffs and all my favorite P&G personal care products.

Overall being in the hospital for a few days did not make me excited about going back and made me remember just how bad I felt last time around. Right now the big admit date has been pushed back from this coming Monday to the next to let this infection feeling resolve and my counts rebound (hopefully).

Meanwhile in other Withers news, my parents are still in town through Friday helping us. I was glad to make it home from the hospital for my dad's 76th birthday on Sunday (both our Dad's were born on June 1 - kind of strange coincidence isn't it?!?). I am mostly resting, working on feeling better and rebuilding my strength a bit and avoiding anything that could lead to another infection. My doctor did okay me going to Kath's graduation post my infusion yesterday. I was skeptical of what an elementary school graduation would be like, since neither Chad nor I remember having one until high school. It was so nice though I was  thankful I could be there. The teachers had taken time to write something very personal about each child. They read that "to present" the graduates ending with their names. What they had to say about each child was so nice and it was fun to watch them guess who their teachers were talking about as they sat on the stage in front of everyone.

No other news.... I am home, not feeling great but hopefully the concoction of meds they are giving me will level out and give me a few days of feeling semi-normal before they start the big dog drugs.

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