Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 1

Yesterday went very smoothly. Chad helped me get in and settled when they admitted me at 10 am. I realized it was the first time I had walked in through the front door...so had to follow Chad. All my other admittances have been through the ER or cancer center. I have to say it takes an act of will to come in through the front door and "commit" yourself!!

They started chemo at 2:30pm and each bag runs for 24 hours (with a quick break in between so I can get a short shower). The nausea started not long after but the upside to the hospital is easy access to various medications so has been under control.

This morning my counts are holding which is very good and am feeling okay. The parade of people has started and in addition to my nurse, housekeeping, and Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse Practitioner and Fellow coming through OT/PT and the dietician have all been through. We are not speculating on how long I will be in the hospital since last time around the first few days went smoothly as well. I know they will not discharge me on the weekend so Monday would be the earliest I could come up and hopefully no more than a month.

The big frustration of yesterday was finding out 30 minutes after my chemo started that NIH had revised the eligibility criteria for the "moxie" study my doctor and I were very interested in and I would have qualified. My doctor had talked to the doctor at NIH a few weeks ago and then I did not qualify. NIH had called, me last Thursday to say I qualified for the clad/ritux study but said I wanted to do the treatment here since that was possible. So have to think I am meant to be here for some reason for this round, and it is good to know I am "approved" in the NIH system and they are interested in me if this course of treatment does not work, and we will definitely stay in touch with them on how this all goes.

Thanks for the continued positive thoughts, prayers, care packages, meals and incredible outpouring of support! We so appreciate it.

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  1. Sorry we aren't closer to pitch in, but definitely in our constant thoughts and prayers.