Wednesday, June 18, 2014


One of the hardest parts for me of these hospital stays is I cannot leave the unit I am on. It 30 rooms so not all that big. I am luckily not on isolation (yet) so I can leave my hermetically sealed / door must remained closed room to wander the halls but there is not much space to wander.

The girls and Chad came to visit last night and Katherine brought me a few more decorations for my room of pottery she painted last week. She hopped right up in bed with me and wanted me to explain everything in the room. Margaret was magnetically drawn to the stack of new magazines a good friend had brought be the day before and plopped on the end of the bed to soak up the latest fashion tips. We hung here for awhile then ventured down the hall to one of the waiting rooms to play cards. It was a nice visit and helped the evening speed by.

So far I am still feeling pretty good, all things considered. By late afternoon I will have 2 bags of chemo behind me and 3 more to go. My counts are down a bit today but still hanging in there. The rituxan clearly had cleared out a lot of cancer and my bone marrow was cranking back up. Yesterday my neutrophils (bacteria fighting part of the white blood cells) more than tripled to levels I have not had since last summer. I was dubious on whether the test results were my blood, but we thought it could have been the chemo pushing the healthy neutrophils out of my bone marrow into my blood stream. They are down a bit today but still crazy high (for me) so that is good and definitely a sign the ritux helped and was starting chemo from a stronger spot.

We are cautiously optimistic but know last time around the first few days went pretty smoothly too. The nadir, or lowest point for counts, is usually around day 10 next week is really the big test. So trying to not go stir crazy in this small space while not picking up any infection!

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