Friday, June 20, 2014

Chemo Brain

It is back! The foggy mental state of chemo brain has returned. The girls swim meet was cancelled because of storms last night so Chad and the girls came by for a visit. When they were leaving they picked up my small laundry bag to take with them. Unfortunately we made the sad discovery that while I had been changing my own pillowcase (note – always bring your own pillow and pillowcases for prolonged hospital stays) and keeping my pillow off the bed when it was being changed I was throwing my pillowcases in the UC hospital linen basket versus my closet.  As soon as we realized this Chad pronounced the diagnosis = chemo brain.

I asked my nurse last night if there was a lost and found or any hope of recovering them, they aren’t white so they should stick out. She pretty much laughed. She said they empty them down a laundry chute that lands in the basement. I asked the housekeeping guy this morning the same questions and got pretty much the same response. So while I have kept track of all my electronics (and I brought no jewelry or money with me) I am down a few new pillow cases.

So I am on alert forf what else will be affected and am starting to make more notes to myself. Other than the onset of chemo brain I am still feeling pretty good and my counts are hanging. My hemoglobin and neutrophils are up today (!?!). This morning was my last dose of steroids so they think the fall will start tomorrow but I am starting from a good place. Fingers crossed that I will stay fever free and will be home soon!

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  1. Beth,

    You, Chad, and the girls are in our thoughts and prayers. I check this blog regularly and look forward to the updates. So happy things are going well and praying that they continue. Sending love!

    Judy V.