Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sleeping beauty awakens!!

I feel like I have been under some crazy sleep spell. We got to the doctor yesterday at 9 and it was about 4 when we got home but it just felt like a few hours to me. When we got home I made a beeline for bed where I conked out until 11:30 when I woke up briefly for water and meds, then went right back to sleep until morning. Chad roused me with the girls for some toast but all I wanted to do was go back to sleep.

Yesterday when we got to the doctor I was giddy excited to get things going. They "accessed" the port cleaning the skin on top of it and sticking a needle in it that they then hooked up to draw blood and give me my various drugs. They started with a round of pre-meds to help alleviate the allergic reactions (2 benadryl and 3 other drugs). It started off fine. I was pleasantly surprised by the great collection of People magazines in the infusion room and started catching up on the latest fashions and gossip. After about 45 minutes though I started to not feel right - heart was fluttering, chest pain, headache, nausea - it got badly quickly. They stopped the ritxan, gave me more benadryl and lorazepam (I am allergic to the good anti-nausea drugs) and pretty much knocked me out for the rest day/most of today so far.

Today when I have been awake have felt like I have the flu - dizzy, headache, weak, nauseous, and slight fever (but below what would send me to the doctor). I am sleeping and hoping tomorrow this will have all passed.

My counts are not doing well so hopefully the rituxan helps. Yesterday they were down a lot across the board....still better than when I was first diagnosed but otherwise looking pretty grim....curious to see if my counts will be up next Monday or down. If sleep truly is curative I am doing my part on that front!
  Platelets Hemoglobin White Blood Cells Neutrophils
Normal Range  140-400 11.7-15.5 3.8-10.8 1500-7800

10/10/2012 - diagnosed
11 6.1 2.7 100
11/12/12 - left hospital  31 10.5 1.1 668
11/15/2012 50 11.0 0.9 420
11/19/2012 66 10.8 0.9 510
12/17/2012 106 12.2 2.4 1783
1/24/2014 122 12.4 1.8 1082
3/11/2014 104 11.2 1.2 592
3/26/2014 102 11.8 1.1 541
4/7/2014 84 11.6 1.3 504
4/14/2014 94 11.2 1.2 466
4/21/2014 95 11.6 1.3 610
4/30/2014 81 10.8 0.9 289
5/6/2014 62 10.3 0.8 231

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