Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The first distraction of our last week/weekend was one we had been expecting - tired Katherine. End of last week was the annual 5th grade overnight trip to Dearborn, MI, to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village (colonial working village). Katherine was SOO excited, she had been looking forward to the trip for awhile and it did not disappoint. She had a great time. However, leaving at 6:45 from school on Thursday, returning to school at 11pm on Friday and sleeping in a suite Thursday night with 7 girls and a teacher left her wicked tired. Unfortunately, sleep deprived Katherine, to put it mildly, is no fun to be around.

We were planning to sleep in on Saturday morning to help temper the mood of the aforementioned under rested pre-teen, however, Mother Nature had other plans. A huge dead tree that we thought was on our neighbor's property, and they thought was on ours, feel on our house about 6:30 am Saturday morning. Yes, you read that correctly, a tree fell on our house Saturday. (Just what we needed!!) We were lucky because it actually more fell into the back versus on the roof so it left us with broken screens, windows and deck furniture. It was the sunroom it fell into which is where the girls play a lot so we are glad it happened when no one was out there. The other upside of the tree disaster was Chad finally got to buy a chain saw (once we pushed the tree out of the driveway and cleared the glass). Chad got his fill of chainsawing, I was on glass clean up duty and it is more or less okay, and contractors have been scheduled for the windows, screens, house damage, etc.

The other big event in our house this week is a new sitter starts. Our current sitter graduates from Xavier this weekend and gets her MBA and is moving. The new sitter is a Xavier nursing student but also a bit of transition.

So my cancer has really taken a backseat to other events lately. I had rituxan treatment number 2 yesterday. It was a few hours faster this time since they went ahead and gave me upfront all the meds they ended up giving me last week to counter the allergic reaction. Let's just say with three Benadryls plus the equivalent dosage of an anti-nausea drug that makes you sleepy I was out for most of the day (and am still pretty groggy today!).

The only other news from yesterday was my counts were down vs up which is what was suppose to happen with this drug they are giving me. My hemoglobin dropped a full point (which makes me that much more tired with even less oxygen in my system). If it does the same thing next week I will hit the transfusion limit and that will start up again. Right now the plan is 2 more weeks of rituxan then in patient from claidribine + more rituxan but will see if my counts next week result in a change of plans.

Huge thank you to Molly for taking me for my treatment yesterday and hanging with me, and Jack for doing the second shift and getting me home, and to Sofie for a wonderful dinner for our family! We are so thankful to have so much support as we are going through this.

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