Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A year older

Last week I officially turned the big 4-2. I really love my birthday and after I was first diagnosed with leukemia decided every birthday was worth celebrating. This one was a bit more on the chill side (may have to have a big bash for my half birthday) but thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes and treats!

My parents arrived on my birthday for a couple weeks to help which was the big gift. They came ready to jump into kids activities and were whisked off to Margaret's softball game while Kath and I read and rested up for cake. Chad was about to cut the cake without candles and singing and I put the hold on that because I really needed my wish this year!

We pulled out candles and had no where near 42, so Chad and the girls went with the sum of the digits, 6 candles. The girls thought it would be perfect if Chad lit two and they both got to light two. Sounded okay since they are 9 and 11. Once they were handed the matches it became clear they had not never held them before. Margaret was holding hers straight up and down so the first thing I blew out was the match before it burned her finger. Chad quickly took over and happy to say we did not end up with a house fire (wish one of the night granted!).

It was also a nice gift to have an extra day between rounds of treatments. With the holiday my treatment was yesterday vs Monday. Yesterday was like the others and am glad it was the last of that round. There are small signs in my blood work the rituxan is working which is great, but the drug had destroyed most of the red blood cells I got in the transfusion last week and my white blood cells and everything that fights infections are still very low. The good news was my platelets were up (sometimes a leading indicator of more good news to come) and also the count of the starter red blood cells was up (my reticulocytes) were higher than normal so my bone marrow is working to try and produce more red blood cells and catch me up also a good sign.

We were able to move up my doctor appointment to tomorrow to align on the chemo plan so will let you know what we decide.


  1. Hi Beth -
    I had no idea that the leukemia has come back. I saw your posting on face-book and immediately logged into your blog and have spent the last hour "catching up." I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through and please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Tonight I attended the graduation ceremony for the AISG class of 2014. I realized that this was the first class I taught when I moved to Guangzhou 10 years ago! It's amazing how quickly time goes by and to think that Katherine is going to be in middle school next year.... oh boy! Sending lots and lots of love your way! XOXOX Liz and Carel

  2. Beth and Chad - I'm sure you have an Army of volunteers poised to help in any way, but please put me on that list. I'm 20 minutes away and can help with anything you need. You are all in my daily thoughts and prayers. Praying these weeks fly by and Beth is soon on the mend! Love & Hugs to you all. Phyllis