Sunday, April 27, 2014

This week at the Withers...

I am feeling both physically and emotionally ragged. Physically, I continue to get progessively more tired and weak from the leukemia. I had 14 vials of blood drawn on Monday and they arrived at NIH on Tuesday. Giving up that much of my blood wiped me out. I usually get a bruise right away but this time my poor vein had no blood for a bruise for a few days - now the bruise is in a line along the vein. Also, despite the weather getting nicer there are colds and viruses that are making their rounds. We have avoided the worst of them so far but they have not totally missed us. I'm being much more careful about where I go and what I eat, but had a man in line behind me at Kroger today coughing that made me nervous!

Chad and I are both feeling drained mentally and emotionally. It feels like we have been in the starting blocks for a week and a half just waiting for the gun to go off.... 

My blood and medical history all arrived at NIH on Tuesday. By Thursday I'd talked to the doctor at NIH and he was thinking my strain of the disease was a more chemo resistant one and thought he'd have the results back by mid-day Friday. Mid-day Friday talked to him and the key tests were not back yet but he thought he'd have them by end of the day... then got a call to say mid-day Monday.  So hopefully tomorrow but am trying not to get my hopes up, but at this point am planning to get the results one day and then start chemo the next.

In other news in our house, we realized we had a leak coming in the basement. The girls were totally geeked to be able to help Chad "demo" the drywall. This revealed a very old (if not original) copper pipe that had clearly been leaking for awhile. The plumber came out and said it was a long job that needed to wait for next week and one that required Chad and the girls to do more demo. So this weekend they have hacked away at drywall and pulled out the built-in cabinets. Margaret enjoyed it so much she just hammered some wood for awhile (which cracked me up because she is also our child that cannot walk by our living room without stopping at the piano to play some amazing classical piece with a very light touch - almost always when she should be doing something else (like setting the table, packing her backpack for school, etc.).

Yesterday I realized I was going to continue to feel worse and Katherine had fortunately let us know early she needed a dress for elementary school graduation. She originally wanted to wear a dress my mother brought for dress up... which looks nice on her but it is short, black on the bottom, gold sequins on the top and spaghetti straps so not really the ideal outfit for a morning graduation from primary school. So, we ended up at the mall at the department stores. She knew what she wanted. It was much more than  I thought I would spend when we left but at the end was so ready to get something and have it done (and thought about how it only cost more than about a day of tuition...) so we got it. The dress Katherine picked out is a simple sleeveless white dress, that she looks and feels good in... and I was thankful that she has skipped the juniors department so far!!

This week we also pulled out an aquarium that you plant things on the top of that grandparents gave us for Christmas. Chad and the girls have just arrived home with two dalamation fish. The girls are very excited. Apparently they got a girl and a boy and we might have hundreds of baby fish soon. They said the shop said we could bring the babies back for store credit... 

So I guess you can sum  up this week to say we have both a cancer- and anxiety-ridden mom, an exposed wall in our basement with a leaky pipe and two new fish that will likely have many babies soon --- what else could we ask for!! 


  1. Beth,
    Your courage is truly inspirational! When we saw you at New Years, you were feeling good and busy. Just remember it's OK to slow down, take care of yourself and let other people do the rest. Keith and I are sending prayers and positive energy your way! Hugs, Robin of the west

  2. Thanks for update Beth. We're all here for you!!!