Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Plan (for now)

I am hesitant to even put the plan out here since it seems to be constantly shifting, but as of today I am set to get the port in tomorrow and on Monday, I will start treatment with rituxan, or rituximab. This is a drug that will “de-bulk”, or break up, the cancer. I’ll do this weekly for a month then now is looking like I may then be in the hospital for a course of cladribine + rituxan but am going to take it a step at a time.

I got my counts checked again this morning and then have taken a step change down (which Chad and I thought was likely the case from the way I have been feeling!).  My white blood cells, which fight infections, are below 1.0 now (normal is 3.8-10.8). My neutrophils, which fight bacteria and make up over half of your white blood cells, are less than 300 (normal is 1500-7800). I know the drill and have had suppressed counts for so long should be okay but the further down they go, and longer they stay down I also know the chances of me getting an infection go up. The last time my counts were this low I was told they were too low to get discharged from the hospital which is a bit unsettling. I am going to be hanging at home with the germs my body is use to more and more…

Other news at our house… Katherine continues to treat us to singing “concerts of a lifetime” while Chad and Margaret are working on perfecting being Katherine’s back-up singers as minions from Despicable Me  (who apparently only say the word banana so all the emotion comes through the tone of their voices). 

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  1. We will be thinking about you tomorrow Beth. Hope everything goes well with the port and the beginning to a quick road to recovery. We are here for you!