Thursday, August 1, 2013

My reluctant return

I got to take almost 3 months off from going to the doctor. I have been feeling good and really got to put the cancer out of my mind. I cannot tell you how good that felt.
About 6 weeks ago I finally went back to my doctor to get my blood work checked. The appointment started off quite well.  When I arrived I told them I had a 9am appointment with my doctor and the receptionist started to show me to a conference room… I had to let him know I was a patient and they usually had me wait in the waiting room. I was dressed for work and looked more like I was there for work than treatment which was a good sign.
Unfortunately, once again, my blood work and how I feel, or look, are not totally in sync. My white blood cells were back down to put me back into the category of food and other restrictions. I was heading out of the country to visit my sister and her family. Luckily my doctor just loaded me up on antibiotics to take with me just in case and I got an appointment for my blood work upon return.
My trip and time with my sister, Margaret, and her family was great. Luckily there were no coughers next to me on the plane and I did not need any of the extra meds that I had with me. Not so great were my blood work results after I got back. I was feeling good and hoping for a rebound but my whites are still low and my platelets are down. We are still in the wait and watch mode, and the numbers could be bouncing around but it is a total bummer…. I was really hoping just to have this behind me and have another few stretches of only going to the doctor every 3 months.
So while I’ve appreciated all the support from everyone through this blog, I associated it with being sick. I really blocked it out while I had my time off but realizing this is something that will be around for the rest of my life….

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  1. Bummer! Great that you're feeling well. Love you lots. Bill