Monday, January 7, 2013

Car Talk

This will be nothing like NPR’s Car Talk Show. When my sisters and I turned 16, before we got the “license to the car” after we got our driver’s license, one of our parents took us down to the other end of our street and made us change the tire on the car. Thanks to being female, and a firm believer in the benefits of a AAA membership, that is the only time I have ever changed a tire. So I am not even qualified to call into the esteemed Car Talk Radio Show.

This post should probably be called car conversations. Growing up my mother always knew she had a captive audience in the car and that is when we got all the talks. Our children, being as precocious as they are, have figured out the benefits of having a captive audience in the car already. Lately it has been taking the form of telling us riddles.

In case you have gatherings coming up where you are looking for something to say, or to lighten the mood, I will share a few. Warning: use at your own risk. They are most effective with an elementary age audience (or with the young at heart).
Riddles (answers below)
1) What has a room that you cannot go in?
2) What does "t_rn" mean? (read as "t-blank-r-n")
3) How do you make seven even?
4) What room can ghosts not go into?
5) What has fingers but no bones?

So had a big round of doctor's appointments today. I am feeling like a bit of a riddle. My hemoglobin was up, my platelets were flat but my white blood cells and neturophils were down a lot. Despite that my doctor cleared me to go back to work. Early February I will have a lot more tests then in March/April the bone marrow biopsy will be redone to see if the cancer is in total, or partial, remission. Until then am going to work on resuming life as normal. I have been bad over the holidays on blogging and expect it to get worse and move to something more like once, or twice, a month!

Hope 2013 is off to a good start for everyone.
1) A mushroom
2) No u-turn
3) Drop the "s"
4) The living room
5) A glove

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  1. Thanks tor blogging.....we were just talking about it at work today. We were hoping you were using the time to enjoy life....get healthy....and raise those numbers. Two outta three ain't bad. You are a strange you have proved over and over. It just means you will take longer. Can't wait to have you back ....but don't rush it. Cold and flu season is upon us on TE3.

    We miss you....take care and keep getting stronger.