Monday, January 14, 2013

Apple Power Returns

I passed two huge milestones last week. I started back to work and also starting running again.

Last Wednesday was my first day back in the office. My kind, and thoughtful, work group had decorated my desk with signs and orange streamers and balloons. The decorations were orange which is the official leukemia color (like pink is breast cancer every cancer has a different color - who knew...). They also gave me a standing ovation as I walked onto the floor. With each step I took my face got progressively redder until I was a nice bright crimson.

Those of you that have known me for awhile know that I have a long history of blushing. In fifth grade, my class had assigned seats at lunch where we were alternated boy-girl-boy-girl. At lunch, the boys that sat next to me liked to see how fast they could make me blush and they called it "apple power". Many years later, after my first assignment on Pringles at P&G, one of my going away gifts was a can of original Pringles (which comes in a red can) with Mr. Pringles face colored in red. My ability to blush had not gone unnoticed!

I realized enough people have commented on my red face over the last week as people have said nice things that my blood levels over the last year plus must have seriously curtailed my blushing, but it is back!!

My other milestone activity from the last week has also been turning my face red since I am both old and out of shape. Each run I have done has felt a little better. My "longest" run has been 3 miles. I am hoping to get back up to 4-5 miles a run soon and then can work on getting my speed back. (Mom, I promise not to push myself too much or go too fast.)

In addition to my return to work and running adding color to my face, these new activities have been making me tired. Luckily the girls and Chad have been very good about letting me get sleep, Today felt easier than any day last week so hopefully every week I will feel a bit better.


  1. Beth - glad to see you back in the office. You will never truly know how much you were missed, but sounds like you had an inkling of it on your first day back - I'm just sorry I wasn't at work that day. Just remember to take it one day at a time!

  2. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better and back at P&G. Let me know when you are coming to visit Chicago. Irene

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