Friday, December 21, 2012

This week at the Withers

Really nothing most people would get excited about at chez Withers this week. The "big" news is that I am off house arrest and can get out a bit more. We went out to dinner as a family Wednesday night and the girls even commented it felt like it had been months since we had gone out (2.5 to be exact!). Otherwise we have been enjoying having less homework going into the holidays and more presents mounting under the tree. The girls have been persistent in their daily requests to open "just one present". They do this every yea,r and every year they have to wait until Christmas eve when they can open one. Have to say they are so geared up for Christmas I can hardly wait as well!

The girls were also excited to wake up to a dusting of snow today. They don't remember this ever happening since we were living in a very warm place the last four winters. Margaret declared this morning that winter was her favorite season. I suggested she wait until she actually went outside in it to decide for sure. Katherine thought the snow stopped at our house since our neighbor's lawn did not have as much snow on it. I am looking forward to fires in the fireplace over the next week and us all being home!

On the medical front, I have been assigned a personalized nurse and administrative contact. I've decided it is kind of like personalized banking but in reverse. With personalized banking you get access to special rates and services in the hope that you will expand your position at that bank. With personalized insurance provider attention, I no doubt fall into the high spending category, and I think the "personalized services" are to make sure my costs are minimized. So far they have not offered in value added service. They have more been auditing what my doctors have recmomended and what I am doing.

My hospital bill also arrived recently. We had been speculating on how much it would be and it came in less than Chad and I thought, but significantly more than what we paid for our first home. I will also say that the nightly rate at the hospital is more than a night at the Four Seasons (and so not worth the premium!!). I thought on many occasions in the hospital about how if they ran them more like a hotel they would be so much nicer and more efficient, but then again maybe people would not want to leave then when they were well.

The other surprise that the hospital bill held was the cost of chemo and other medications. They were over half the total bill...crazy. Since I had insurance I know the billed prices were the top of the scale but had no idea chemo was as expensive as it is.

I am feeling good this week and hoping for that trend to continue so that 2013 will start off healthy and more "normal" for us. Hope everyone has happy, healthy holidays.


  1. So glad to here you are in the holiday spirit! Have a fantastic Christmas--let me know when you are ready to visit the Windy City. Irene

  2. Hi Beth,
    By any chance, would you guys be up for a quick visit tomorrow evening? We'll be driving around looking at lights and would love to stop by for merry wishes and hugs if you will be home and up for it. I'll call tomorrow if I don't hear back from you electronically. :)

  3. Hi Beth - I was thinking of you today (Christmas Eve) and hoping you were home enjoying family. So glad to read that you are! I wish you a very special Christmas and I am hoping for great health in 2013! Laura Becker

  4. We always got to open one present on Christmas was always new pajamas so we would look good in our Christmas morning pictures. Glad things are becoming normal again. See you in 2013...happy new year.

  5. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?



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